Somebody you know could be the perfect match for a patient in need of a bone marrow transplant. Please help us spread the message, click here.

Make Blood Your Business

Calling workplaces across Wales: we need your help to save lives.

Anyone could need a blood, platelet or bone marrow transfusion at any point in their life

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How to help

Our job is to make sure those priceless blood, platelet and bone marrow donations are available for those who need them. But we can’t do that without you.

That’s where you come in.

We need workplaces across Wales to play their part in helping to save lives. You can do that by working with us to spread the word about why giving blood, platelets and bone marrow, and encouraging more people to donate, is so important.

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Here’s why your workplace should join…

You could make a huge difference by encouraging your employees and contacts to donate, just one blood donation can save up to three lives.

Aligning with the Welsh Blood Service is also a great way to demonstrate your corporate social responsibility and raise the profile or your organisation.

There are lots of things you could do to help increase the number of donations we collect each year.

These include:

  • Encouraging your employees and stakeholder networks to register to become blood, bone marrow and platelet donors.
  • Allowing employees to donate blood during work hours, if your business can accommodate this.
  • Holding blood donation sessions or promotional events on your premises to help us recruit more donors.

Staff aged 17-30

We need more 17 to 30-year-olds to help in the fight against cancer.

Three in ten blood cancer patients do not find the lifesaving bone marrow match they need.

We want to change this, but we need your help.

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If your workplace can't join...

You can still help!

Start your own lifesaving journey today.

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