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Minimum weight limit

You have to be over 7st 12lb (50 kg) to donate. If you are a female less than 20 years of age please read the information section below.


Maximum weight limit

The maximum weight depends on the donation chairs at our clinics.

  • Mobile donation clinics – 35st (225kg)
  • Community donation sessions – 25st (160kg)
  • Three-bed blood mobile – 25st (160kg)
  • WBS Headquarters – 23st (146kg)


Female donors under 20 years old

If you are under 5ft 6″ (168cm) or weight less than 10st 3lb (65kg), please use the height and weight information below to check your eligibility.

If your weight and height meet in a white box, you are eligible to donate.

If your weight and height meet in a grey box, you will need to wait until your height and weight meet the criteria, or until your 20th birthday to donate.

Female under 20 weight and height requirements

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