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Anaemia Team Drives Forward National Anaemia Management Programme

The Blood Health National Oversight Group hosted the Perioperative Anaemia Stakeholder conference on 15 June 2023.

54 health care professionals representing Health Boards across Wales came together to support the implementation of the All Wales Perioperative Pathway.

Guest speaker Professor Chris Jones (Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Wales) highly commended the programme and highlighted how effective anaemia management will bring value to patients in terms of outcomes and experience.

Supported by Value in Health Wales, the Perioperative Anaemia team – consisting of Dr Caroline Evans (Clinical lead), Stephanie Ditcham (Programme Lead) and Chris Jones, Krystle Towell and Joanne Gregory (Regional Anaemia Clinical Coordinators) are now moving to the next phase of the programme with the aim of supporting process change across all health boards.

In addition a Patient Blood Management (PBM) training package for medical and health care professionals is being developed and implemented across Wales.

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