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Quality service

Providing a quality service to our donors

Our staff are trained to follow these caring principles whether they have a role at blood donation sessions or a supporting role in our headquarters. 

We welcome the views of donors on any aspect of our service. We monitor the quality of our service through regular surveys, which are available at all sessions for donors to complete if you wish to give us feedback.

Donors have a right to complain about any aspect of the Welsh Blood Service and complaints should be sent to the Director of the Service.

Our Caring Principles

  • To give you excellent customer and clinical care at all times in your contact with our staff.
  • To make donation sessions as accessible and as comfortable as possible.
  • To give you information about the blood donation process and the possible consequences of giving blood.
  • To use your freely donated gift of blood for the benefit of patients and not for financial profit.
  • To give you information to help you make an informed decision before giving your consent if we ask to use your blood donation or take samples from you for a specific purpose.
  • To complete the donation or sample taking process without undue delay.
  • To inform you in the event of a positive test being obtained on your blood if it has a consequence for your own health.
  • To hold and to use information about you within the guiding principles of confidentiality and the requirements of Data Protection Legislation.
  • To notify you in advance, whenever possible, of changes to the criteria for giving blood.

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How you can help us to provide a quality service

You can help us to provide a quality service to you and to the patients who receive your blood by:

  • Making every effort to attend the donation session to which you are invited.
  • Checking with us before you attend a donation session if you have a query about your eligibility to give blood.
  • Ensuring that the information that you give us about your health is, to the best of your knowledge, accurate.
  • Telling us if you suffer pain, bruising or are unwell during or after giving blood.
  • Telling us of any illness which you develop in the two weeks after giving blood.
  • Encouraging other eligible people to offer to give blood and to join the Welsh Bone Marrow Donor Register.
  • Telling us if you change your name or your address or your telephone number.