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Donating plasma

Donate plasma in Wales

Donating plasma saves lives in Wales. With the demand for plasma growing, your donation can help make medicines made from plasma and treat people with cancers, diseases and disorders with their immune systems.

The process of donating plasma is safe, simple and easy. If you are in Wales, book an assessment to see if you’re eligible to donate plasma today.

What is plasma?

Plasma is a light, yellow liquid that makes up approximately 55% of your blood. It carries platelets, red and white blood cells and water, salts and enzymes in the body.

Plasma is essential for fighting infections as it contains antibodies known as immunoglobulins. These antibodies are crucial in medicines that help people with cancers, immune disorders, rare diseases and genetic conditions. By donating plasma, you are helping to provide these essential antibodies to the people who need them.

How do your plasma donations help?

By donating plasma, you are helping to treat people in Wales with cancers, rare diseases and immune disorders.


How donating plasma work

When you arrive at one of our donation centres, you will need to fill out a short health questionnaire to check that you are eligible, fit and healthy to donate plasma. We will check your veins, iron level and pulse too.

If you are eligible to donate plasma, a specialist machine is used which draws blood through a needle, removes the plasma from your blood, and returns the blood safely back to you using the same needle. This process helps you recover quicker than a standard whole blood donation which allows plasma donors to donate more frequently than blood donors.

After you donate, it’s time to rest, have a drink and snack.

Can I donate plasma?

Anyone who is generally fit and healthy, meets the criteria for giving blood, and is between the ages of 17 and 66, may be able to donate plasma.

Call 0800 252 266 and book an assessment today to see if you’re eligible to donate plasma.

One of our specialist nurses will check your eligibility and ensure your veins are suitable (as the equipment used to collect plasma is different to giving blood).

Everything you need to know about donating plasma

Donating plasma is quick, safe and simple. Read on to find out more about preparing to donate plasma and what to do before your appointment.

The whole process of donating plasma, from the moment you arrive at the donation centre to having a snack after you donate, takes just over an hour. This includes carrying out checks before you donate. The actual donation process takes approximately 45 minutes.

The waiting time in between donations is less for plasma donation than giving blood. You can donate plasma as often as every two weeks.

Every plasma donation is also counted as a ‘double’ donation too, as each visit can collect up to two ‘donations’ to be used for patients in need.

Enrol to become a plasma donor

To start donating plasma, book an assessment today by calling 0800 252 266.