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Children at clinic

We want to provide a service where you feel valued and safe when making a lifesaving donation. 

Due to the clinical nature of the environment, donation clinics can present hazards, particularly to children who may not be adequately supervised while their parent or carer donates. Due to these risks, we discourage donors from bringing children along when donating.

We understand bringing children to a clinic in exceptional circumstances may be unavoidable. Due to the variety of environments in which we work and the unpredictable nature of healthcare provision, we cannot create a standardised response for all donors and all children.

Instead, we must base our decision-making on a clinical risk assessment undertaken by the nurse in charge of the clinic at the time, which could result in you being unable to donate with a child or children in attendance and may require you to rebook your appointment for a future date.

Our advice.

  • If you plan to donate, please try to attend alone.
  • For adults attending with children, please be aware you may not be able to donate based on the nurse’s individualised risk assessment on the day.
  • To provide the best likelihood of being accepted at a clinic, we strongly encourage adults to have an emergency contact ready to collect the child in the unlikely event this is required.

Please be aware, due to the limited space available on blood donation vehicles (trailers), only blood donors are allowed onto the trailer.