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Flu vaccination

Flu vaccination –  by injection

No impact on donation eligibility.

Flu vaccination – by nasal spray

You must wait four weeks before donating.


Covid-19 vaccination and booster

You will need to wait 2 days after receiving a Covid-19 vaccination or booster before making a donation.

There is no time deferral on receiving a Covid-19 vaccination or booster after donating blood or platelets.

Live vaccinations

Live vaccinations e.g. chickenpox, shingles, German measles, Measles, MMR and yellow fever will prevent you from donating for a period of 4 weeks.


Non-live vaccinations

There is a 7 day wait following a routine booster or Hepatitis vaccination prior to travel. If you have received a Hepatitis B vaccination for any other reason please get in touch.

There is no deferral period following vaccination with most non-live vaccines e.g. Tetanus, HPV, Flu and Meningococcal Meningitis.

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